What Are Vehicle Wraps, And Tips To Use Them Wisely

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Vehicle wraps are a unique and powerful method of advertising that follows you wherever you go. Using a vehicle wrap, you can make a statement with your company vehicle, spreading brand awareness and curiosity about your company. First, you may want to know what vehicle wraps are made of, how they work, and how to use them wisely.

What Are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps aren’t painted on. Instead, a vehicle wrap is a layer of vinyl with high-quality graphics or letters printed onto it with UV lamination applied. Any design, image, or font a designer can imagine can be printed onto a vinyl wrap. Plus, thanks to advances in vinyl production, our vehicle wraps will not damage the paint beneath them and come off cleanly. We use only top-quality vinyl from Avery Dennison.

There are a few different types of vehicle wraps:

  • Full vehicle wraps: These wraps cover your entire vehicle and allow you to make an impact from every angle. There’s something irresistible about full vehicle wraps; people can’t help but look at them.
  • Partial vehicle wraps: Partial vehicle wraps cover only a portion of the vehicle. You can choose where the wrap goes or take our designers’ advice as to what would look best.
  • Vinyl graphics and lettering: These wraps add simple graphics and letters to your vehicle, instead of covering it with images. Though they are simpler, vinyl lettering and graphics can still make an impact on your potential customers and raise brand awareness.

Now that you know what vehicle graphics are, here are a few tips to help you make the most of them:

1. Use Unique Coloring

One of the advantages of choosing a vehicle wrap over a paint job is that the rainbow is at your fingertips. Use unique colors that no one expects on a vehicle and your vehicle graphic will stand out even more.

2. Match Your Fleet

Companies with multiple vehicles can get their entire fleet decked out in vehicle wraps. Even different types of vehicles, in different sizes, can achieve a consistent look. Your brand will always make the same, professional impression.

3. Wrap Unusual Vehicles

You don’t have to limit yourself to trucks. Any vehicle can have a wrap. Also, there are boat wraps, food trucks, cars, transport trucks, trailers, and more. If you have a unique vehicle to wrap, you are already ahead in the game.

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