The Different Types of Window Graphics and Stickers Plus How to Use Them

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Window stickers can help your business attract customers, announce sales, and even send guests in the right direction. In fact, there are three different kinds of window stickers, each best used for a specific goal. In this blog, we’ll explain the three types of window graphics and which is the best choice for your business.

1. Vinyl Window Graphics

These are the window graphics on storefronts everywhere. Vinyl window graphics are endlessly customizable and therefore can match your existing branding exactly or create a new look. Many retailers will use vinyl window graphics to announce sales, introduce new products, and entice customers to enter the store.

Vinyl window graphics can be custom-designed and cut to fit any window, no matter how large, small, or oddly shaped. While some businesses will choose to cover all their windows in graphics, others prefer smaller stickers to make statements.

The high-quality window graphics apply easily and come down quickly, without leaving residue on your windows. This allows you to easily switch the graphics for new promotions or seasons.

2. Vinyl Window Lettering

Long gone are the days where you needed to paint your glass or hang a sign to communicate with your clients. Vinyl window lettering allows you to customize the message you need on your window.

In office spaces, you can use vinyl window lettering to help your clients find the office they’re looking for. On storefronts, vinyl window lettering is most often used to tell customers the address, name of the store and store hours.

However, you can use vinyl lettering to communicate any message you like. We often apply a company’s slogan to their windows in vinyl lettering. You could also use lettering to direct your clients to your office, tell them about a new policy, or just greet them.

Vinyl window lettering tends to change less than vinyl window graphics, – for example, hours of operation or the name of the person who works in each office. However, vinyl window lettering can be removed, so if you do change these details you won’t have to spend time scrubbing the glass.

3. Vinyl Privacy Film and Window Perforation

Privacy film and window perforation are unique materials that solve a specific problem. Many businesses, from medical offices to law firms, need to give their patients privacy. However, covering up every window in the building limits light, especially natural light, and can make the space less appealing. Vinyl privacy film including frosted vinyl is the perfect solution. It allows light through but distorts the view so that no one can see your clients. Window perforation allows an attractive design to be printed on the outside of the vinyl and allows you to see clearly from the inside.

Which Window Sticker Is Right For You?

If you’ve decided on a window sticker, or want to learn more about them, reach out to the nearest sign shop. The experts will help you choose the right window graphics to meet your business needs.

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