Island Signs & Graphics: Vinyl Signs That Make An Impact

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Vinyl graphics are some of the most versatile sign products available. We love working with vinyl due to the many possible styles and colors. You can use vinyl letters and graphics to great effect in your business, from informational labels to highly creative full-wall murals.
Today, let’s look at your many options for vinyl graphics to make an impact in your business.

Wall Murals Engage Viewers

One of the most powerful uses of vinyl is in wall murals! You can bring your office to life and creatively complement your brand in so many ways. If you have a travel agency, that long, empty hallway can become an oasis that your customers can’t wait to visit. Construction companies could use wall murals to showcase their logo and branding alongside a scene of an impressive new building under construction.

There are also other types of vinyl murals besides wall murals. Floor murals are also possible thanks to the flexible but durable nature of vinyl. The professional sign companies can apply floor vinyl to many different materials, including concrete, asphalt, hardwood flooring, and tile. It’s even possible to use vinyl graphics on the carpet!

Vinyl Lettering Spells Attention

Vinyl lettering covers a range of needs, from simple addresses to complex word mosaics. Here are a couple of ways you can use vinyl letters to make an impact in your own business.

  • Highlight company slogans and brand values. When you want to spell out your brand attributes in detail (see above), vinyl lettering is a great choice.
  • Advertise specials and promotions. The high versatility and low cost of vinyl mean you can change it frequently, to highlight your current specials.

Window Graphics

You’ve likely seen vinyl window graphics everywhere, from local cafés to international corporate headquarters. Whether you’re looking to promote sales and specials, add some seasonal flair, or just make your business more visible, window graphics are for you.

In the example above, our customer accomplished several objectives:

  • Advertise a winter clothing sale.
  • Add visual appeal using a seasonal theme.
  • Complement their branding.
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