How To Make Your Vehicle Recognizable On The Road

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You’re driving around for work all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if people could identify your vehicle while they were driving next to you? You have options to make your brand recognizable: custom vehicle lettering and graphics. You can adorn your vehicle with your business name using vehicle lettering or create a whole image with vehicle graphics. Here’s what you need to know about your two options.

Custom Vehicle Lettering

You’ve already chosen your brand’s font and colors. Custom vehicle lettering will allow you to place your company name in that exact font and color, on your vehicle.

You’re not limited by location. Some people choose to put the lettering on both sides of their vehicle, or on the hood, the back, or the driver’s door. It can be most effective to choose a few different spots on the vehicle, so your branding is visible to everyone around you.

The larger the lettering the more expensive, but the more visible the letters are to those further away. You want them at least large enough to be easily read by passersby on the sidewalk.

Vehicle Wraps/Graphics

A vehicle wrap is a larger vinyl sheet that can contain images as well as lettering. We can print your logo, or any other image you like, onto the wrap.

Vehicle graphics capture more attention than custom vehicle lettering simply because there’s more to look at, in more colors. You can have a wrap that covers the entire vehicle – which gets the most eyeballs – or a partial wrap that covers half or less of the vehicle.

While you might be familiar with the boldest and wacky vehicle wraps (because they tend to stand out the most), your vehicle wrap can match your business’ image. If your company is sophisticated, reliable, natural, or soft, our talented designers can make a wrap that communicates that to your potential customers.

Vehicle Branding Options from local sign shops can answer any questions you have about custom vehicle lettering and graphics. Reach out to them today with your concerns and get a beautiful vehicle wrap or graphic on your budget.

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