Channel Letters Help Public Get Useful Information About Your Company

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Your choice of signage says a lot about how much you value your company’s image and identity. It certainly pays to choose signage solutions that represent your business in the best light possible. While the most basic function of an outdoor signage is to display your company’s name, custom signs like channel letter signs also play a part in enticing people to come inside and get to know more about your business. The most effective custom channel letter signs are those that help create a positive impression about your brand—enough to pique the interest of passersby and make them want to get to know your business better.

Channel letter signs are classic outdoor signs that are typically made using heavy-duty materials to create three-dimensional letters and characters that extrude from a building’s wall, façade, or side. Common materials used to create custom channel letter signs include aluminum and vinyl, which make for highly durable outdoor signs. In most cases, characters are also covered using translucent acrylic, which allows for light to reflect brightly from the inside. Channel letters are typically lighted so they can remain visible during nighttime.

There are many benefits to using channel letters as visual identifiers for a business. Here are some of them:

  1. Channel letters provide maximum visibility for a business establishment. Fully lit, this type of letter signage ensures superior visibility. Even non-lighted options make for imposing installations if they are sizeable enough to ensure visibility even from afar. A good rule of thumb when it comes to sizing channel letters is to imagine them relative to the size of the building’s façade or the building in general.
  2. Thanks to new technologies, lighted channel letters are now more energy efficient than ever. Most manufacturers make use of energy-saving LED lights to illuminate letter signs, which means better energy conservation and minimal maintenance compared to more traditional neon lights.
  3. Durability is also a major benefit to channel letters. They are typically made from highly weather resistant materials that protect signs from the outside elements, including the harshest of weather conditions.

Look in the market for a sign company in Charlotte which offers a comprehensive range of design, fabrication, and installation services, whether you are looking for traditional channel letter signs, halo lit channel letters, raceway channel letters, or perhaps illuminated channel letters.

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