Bring Life to Your Home or Office Interiors with Custom Vinyl Wall Murals

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When choosing a design or type of wall finish for your space, there are several things that you must consider such as overall costs and longevity. You also must consider less obvious factors such as the type of ambiance or mood you’re trying to set with wall finishes. The interiors of a home typically reflect the personality of those living in it. However, it can also be the other way around since the colors of the walls can influence or induce certain feelings in those who usually see them. This concept applies to office spaces as well. It’s what makes custom vinyl wall murals such a powerful option.

Why Choose Custom Vinyl Wall Murals Over Paint or Wallpaper?

Back in the day, homeowners and entrepreneurs typically chose between paint and wallpaper to decorate their walls. But in recent years more and more people in the world have started to opt for vinyl stickers instead because of their many benefits.

Listed below are several advantages of investing in vinyl stickers and murals.

Easy and Economical

Vinyl wall stickers are great for transforming your bland and boring walls without having to spend a fortune. You don’t have to hire a painter and pay for days of labor just for them to complete the project. Paint jobs require a flat and smooth surface and several coats of paint to make them look good. Wallpapers too can be quite toilsome since the laborer needs to make sure that all panels are aligned, clean, and bubble-free. Moreover, this type of wall treatment tends to fade, peel and get stained far too easily.

With vinyl wall displays, installation takes much less time than applying either paint or wallpaper. You also have the option of adding several stickers or creating an entire mural. In other words, you have more control over how much you spend on revamping your walls.

Boosts Productivity

Offices can get dull and stressful on most days. According to research, beige and white offices promotes unhappiness and depression in women. Orange and purple have the same effect on men as well. Thus, it’s crucial that you integrate fun and vibrant hues and graphics on the walls of your offices to promote creativity, productivity, and positive feelings. Make the most of color psychology when planning out designs and colors.


Vinyl wall displays are highly customizable, making them the perfect option for companies that want to refresh their décor frequently, or those that want to use wall displays as a marketing tool. For example, entrepreneurs can add a few pumpkins and creepy stickers to their walls as Halloween approaches to make the office look festive. Incorporating the company’s name, logo, and slogan are also great for brand reinforcement. The same concept can work in homes as well. A good example can be kids’ rooms that you can redecorate every year or so as their interests and personalities change.

Aesthetically pleasing

What makes vinyl decals stand out from their alternatives is the limitless design-options for someone who wants wall art for their office, establishment, or home. The design can be as complex and intricate or as simple and minimalistic as you want it to be. Because of this, wall decals can practically be considered as art.

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