Boost Your Sales With The Right Store Signs

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Your prospective customers are walking down a busy street, engaged in their own thoughts and actions. Catching someone’s attention when they’re preoccupied isn’t easy. Store signs are often your first and most effective line of attack. Just how important is your storefront signage? We’ve provided below a few compelling statistics:

  • 68 percent of Americans have purchased a product or service just because the sign was visually appealing.
  • Signage can be responsible for 50 percent of your customers.
  • 67 percent of consumers believe that the quality of your store signs reflects the quality of your products and services.

Storefront Signs Make An Introduction

No matter how gregarious you are, it’s impossible to greet every passerby and still run your business. You need to trust that your store signs will draw initial attention, reinforce your brand, and impel the customer to act on a sale or promotion.

Here’s an example. This store sign for the Cheesecake Spot grabs viewer attention, displays the company’s whimsical branding, and tells you what you can expect inside! Note that this storefront also uses window graphics – this is a great place to highlight special offers or sales.

You could also use vinyl lettering and window graphics in your storefront to provide important business information. When visitors first approach your store, they’ll expect to see certain elements, such as:

  • Hours of operation. This is one of the first things visitors want to see, as it helps them decide whether they should enter now or come back later.
  • Contact information. Capture more leads and prospective customers, even when you’re closed, by providing e-mail, phone, and/or social media information.
  • Services and products provided. In the example above, the window graphics quickly make clear that you’ve arrived at a spa, specializing in massage services.
  • Wi-Fi information. If you offer Wi-Fi in your store, you’ve probably been asked for the network more times than you care to remember. Consider making the information permanent and prominent, with vinyl lettering on your walls that customers can’t miss.
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